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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

[Mixtape] Slicc Pulla x Feddie Mane - Designer Street Music @PrestigeEntLLC

Sunday, July 23, 2017

[Video] Gunja - IDFWU ft. Bambi

Hello world my name is Gunja. Born and raised in Huntsville, AL a.k.a "The Jungle". I've been doing music seriously since I was 12. Since then I've been in and out the studio. Being broke, homeless, betrayed by my closet kin, seeing people that said they were with me drive right pass me when I was walking in 98 or 20 degree weather is what really gave/gives me that drive to keep pushing no matter how difficult it may seem. Music helps me release that pain built up throughout the years. It's like therapy sharing it with the world. My grandmother told me I have a gift from the man himself, I told her I'm going to use it to give her wealth.

Artist: Gunja feat Bambi
Track: "IDFWU"
Label: Blakk Gorilla Family, Gorilla Gang
Prod. By: Tek Support Productions
Shot By: Deno Terrorteno

Gunja "How It Go" (Promo Video) feat TC Gambino

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#Terrorteno #Terror17 #BOW!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

[Video] Hippy Soul - GATDAMN @hippysoul901 @quintinlamb

#35belowfilms presents Hippy Soul "Gatdamn" shot on location in Memphis, tn.

Listen to the offical audio here:

Shot/edit/dir by Quintin Lamb.
Lights/PA by Bella Golightly

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

[Single] BossMan - Grind Is Everlasting [Prod By 1Mind]

[Mixtape] Jus Bentley - On My Own @JusBentley

Memphis female rapper Jus Bentley has been making noise in her city with her hot new single "BU$Y" she released her last mixtape "No Days Off 2" with the new found success and fans she has put together that not only shows her rough , blunt , edgy style , but also points the picture of a young woman growing up in North Memphis realizing that everyone who she once thought was for her is not , hence this mixtape title "On My Own" . Get in Tune! go follow her on social media @Jusbentley , subscribe to her YouTube channel which is JusBentleyTV to stay on her updates , interviews , and music , download this mixtape , share this mixtape , and go follow her on every social media app @JusBentley now #Memphis #JusBentley #OnMyOwn #NoDaysOff2

[Video] Jus Bentley x #CMG Zed Zilla "BU$Y" Remix ( Prod. DjHitkidd )

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mike Tyson - If You Show Up | Soulja Boy Diss Song (Official Video)


HUEMANZ MILITIA - MYNDFRAME prod. by Aaron Hall (Music Video) shot by 'Ninety5TV #GHBzV3

Artist: Huemanz Militia


Producer: Aaron Hall

Director: 'NINETY5 TV

Album: Gxld Herringbxnez Vxlume : 3 (GHBzV3)

Label: Zixn Lyfe Recxrdings.

Year: 2017/1995

Enter the MYNDFRAME. Always representin the RBG. That’s Red, Black, and Green for those that don’t know. Dripped in gxld, Gxld Herringbxnez to be exact. More than a chain around our neck, it’s our link and constant connection to our people and our land. This is a message for the lost, the found, the sleep, the woke, and those who are just napping.
Welcome to Ninety5, an era of strictly gxld cxntent, black cxntent, still steeleaux. Mixxn Hip Sxul, brought to you live by the duo Huemanz Milita and Zixn Lyfe Recxrrdings. Are you down for your people? Are you down for gxld in your life? Do you support black?

Check the MYNDFRAME and stay down with the HUE!

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Twitter & IG | @HuemanzMilitia
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Facebook | Zixn Lyfe Recxrdings.



Saturday, December 24, 2016

[Video] @PrestigeEntLLC Presents: Extras - Slicc Pulla x Malcolm Kells x Feddie Mane Prod. By Bossman

@PrestigeEntLLC x GBM x Red 3 Digital Presents: Extras Video - Slicc Pulla x Malcolm Kells x Feddie Mane Prod. By Bossman [ Shot By GeekdTV ]

As The Holidays Are Quickly Upon Us Again Coming Off The Release Of " Extras " During The Thanksgiving Festivities, It's Only Right That We Feed The Streets With Some More " Extras " During The Christmas Holidays. Enjoy Your Loved Ones, Enjoy Your Holiday, & Enjoy The Prestige GBM Red 3 Digital #Extras !!!!!

Stream & Download Extras - Slicc Pulla x Malcolm Kells x Feddie Mane Prod. By Bossman

Monday, December 12, 2016

[Video] Boy Wonda feat. T-Rock - Break The Knob

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